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Weight Room

The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center Weight Training Room houses a multi-circuit cable unit with five stations and 13 individual weight training machines.  The free weight area includes squat racks, benches and free weights that range from 2lbs to 100 lbs.

Weight Room and Cardiovascular Room Rules

  • Orientation programs can be scheduled with fitness staff.
  • Members should report any equipment problem to staff.
  • Proper athletic attire and athletic shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Gym bags, purses, backpacks and coats are not permitted.
  • Tobacco, food, chewing gum, glass bottles and cans are not allowed in the facility.
  • All equipment must be used properly.
  • All weights and dumbbells must be returned to the proper rack after use.
  • Slamming or dropping free weights is prohibited.
  • Weights should not be leaned against walls, glass or equipment.
  • Equipment must not be removed from the facility for any reason.
  • Misuse of equipment and facilities may result in immediate expulsion.

Strength Training

Whether you want to improve muscle strength or muscle tone, it is important to understand what physical and mental changes may occur. A consistent strength training program can change muscle appearance and strength in 4-6 weeks. Although the scale may show an initial increase in body weight, this may be caused from an increase in muscle. Over time, a consistent program will decrease body fat and improve overall physical capacity, making daily activities easier to perform. The fact that your muscles are stronger will help fight fatigue.

Also, increase in muscle will increase your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate refers to the rate at which we expend the calories we consume. Muscles burn more calories than fat, therefore the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.  In addition, a consistent strength training program can provide positive mental benefits by improving overall self-esteem.

When you begin a strength training program, take into account your medical history, past injury history, fitness level, age and experience. Consult with the fitness staff to ensure that the program is safe and effective.


Cardiovascular Program/Room

The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center Cardiovascular Room contains 4 treadmills, 4 bicycles, 2 stair masters, 2 rowing machines and 3 elliptical machines.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular/Aerobic exercise is an important component of a well rounded exercise program.   In order for aerobics to be beneficial, you must exercise within your target heart rate zone for a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.  The Target Heart Range is calculated by taking (220 minus your age and multiply by 60% and by 80%).

Taking Your Pulse

Now that you can determine what your heart rate range is you have to take your pulse to know if you have reached or are maintaining it. However, before you can take your pulse, you have to find it. If you are right-handed, use the pads of your index and middle fingers to find the pulse on your left wrist. With your left hand turned upward, feel for the base of your thumb with your right fingers. Move your fingers to just about an inch below the thumb base and press down lightly until you feel an intermittent "throbbing" sensation in your wrist-that is your pulse. The instructor will assist you in counting your pulse.

To stick with exercise, choose an exercise activity that you enjoy and that fits in your schedule.

Senior Citizens Exercise Program

Senior Citizens Exercise Program
The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center has over fifty active seniors that participate in a comprehensive group exercise program.   The goal of the Sensational Senior Exercise Program is to maintain and improve the health of members in a safe and fun environment.  Under the supervision of certified trained professionals, senior members enjoy the benefits of weight training, walking, chair yoga and arthritis exercise.  The program meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 noon. 

10:00-11:00 am  

Walk Track & Weight Room

10:00-10:50 am

Arthritis Foundation Exercise

11:00-12:00 pm

Senior Exercise Class Il

10:00-11:00am Walk Track & Weight Room

10:15-11:00 am

Chair Yoga  

11:00-12:00 pm

Senior Exercise Class


10:00-11:00 am

Walk Track & Weight Room


Arthritis Foundation Exercise

11:00-12:00 pm

Senior Exercise Class

Group Exercise Classes

The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center Fitness program offers a variety of classes that will get your heart pumping, strengthen muscles, improve balance and reduce stress. The classes we offer include Boot Camp, Step, Kickbox, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and more.

The class schedule and class descriptions are as follows:

The Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center at RCC


10 - 11:00 am    

Arthritis Class   


11 -12:00 pm      

Senior Class II   


6 - 7:30 pm      

Cardio w/Weights



12:15 -1:15 pm       



6 - 7:00 pm       



7:15 -8:00 pm  




10:15 -11 am   

Chair Yoga 


11-12:00 pm         

Senior Class II    


6 -7:00 pm    

Boot Camp     


7- 8:00 pm       




12:15 -1:15 pm       



6:15 -7:30 pm         

Kickbox Plus w/alt 






10- 11:00 am 

Zumba Gold         


11-12:00 pm      

Senior Class I       


6-7:30 pm         

Hi/Lo w/Alt  Step   


Class Policies:

  • You must be on time and sign in to participate in class.
  • Inform the instructor of special medical considerations or limitations.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and exercise sneakers.
  • Contact Cheryl McDermott, the Fitness Coordinator at 617-541-2461 with any questions.
  • Children are not allowed to participate or wait in classes.

Exercise Class Descriptions

Arthritis Class An exercise class designed specifically for people with arthritis that uses gentle exercises to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion while maintaining muscle strength and decreasing pain.

Boot CampAn advanced aerobic and muscular endurance workout that incorporates equipment to include; bands, weights and medicine balls.

Cardio Training w/wtsA class designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and tone major muscle groups with hand held weights.

Cross TrainingA cardio class that incorporates a variety of activities; boxing drills, weight training and core work.

HI/LO w/alt stepAn advanced class that alternates weeks with hi/lo impact and step.  The step class is low impact/high energy and incorporates  challenging step combinations.

Island Vibe - A unique dance class that fuses Caribbean music with fun, upbeat dance moves.

Kickbox Plus -A high energy class that combines a variety of boxing combinations and kicking drills plus core work.

Pilates - An exercise class that will develop a strong core and build strength and stamina through coordinated movements and breathing.

Senior Class & Chair Yoga- Classes designed to meet the needs of senior members.  Level I and II includes weights and a standing dance segment. Level II has a longer standing session.  The chair yoga will relax and relieve muscle tension.

YogaA class designed to help relieve the stress and strain of daily living.  Incorporates gentle stretching techniques to improve flexibility.

Zumba -  “Join the Party” A fun dance class that will keep you moving and motivated to Latin rhythms and hip hop beats.


Membership includes the following:

  • State of the art 200 m Indoor Track
  • Weight Training Room
  • Cardiovascular Room
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Senior Citizens Exercise Program
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Locker Room and Showers

Purchasing a Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Membership
Individuals may purchase a membership in person, at the Membership Office.  The hours of operation are Mondays 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM and Wednesdays & Fridays 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. You may contact the Membership Office at 617-541-2488 for more information.

Membership Fees:



Full-Time College Student (must be 18 years or older)


RCC Faculty/Alumni/Staff

$175.00/ Annually

General Membership

$80/3 Months
$150/6 Month
$250/12 Month

Senior Citizens
(65 years and older)

$30/3 Months
$60/6 Months
$120/12 Months

Track Passes

$120/Track Season

We accept check, money order, Visa, Master Card & American Express only.  We do not accept Cash.

The RLTAC is an integral component for the RCC and must be truly effective in facilitating the delivery of its academic programs, student development opportunities, and community health initiatives as the
College pursues its mission through the Center.

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